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  • A Reminder ....

    When you enter your measurements for an Online Quote, remember to enter them in millimetres! 100cm = 1000mm

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    You can buy Fabric Only if you wish to make your own curtains and you can also purchase just the Curtain Rails. Click on “By the Metre” on the Home Page.

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    If you don't wish to do an Online Quote for Curtains and Tracks you can just buy the tracks by clicking on "By The Metre" on the Home Page. And just like anything else on our site please feel free to ask questions if you aren't sure about anything.

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    We invite you to email us at with any decorating questions. We love emails because we can then respond in detail and you won't have to remember what we said! Feel free to send photos if it helps to highlight an issue with a window that is hard to explain.