​and thanks for wanting to know more about who we are…..

The business is lead by Margaret Clements who is an Interior Decorator and Colour Consultant and Judy Day who is an expert in Home Décor Furnishing Construction. Both have been in the Soft furnishing Industry for many years.

OnlineCurtains is different from other Made to Measure curtain websites! Our site goes the extra mile to make it possible for you to be able to buy truly Custom Made Curtains online.

Getting curtains right can be complex but if you take a leap and trust us and our many years of industry expertise it’s easy!

If you go to “Start Here” the site will take you through all the steps you need to take to get a Quote. You don’t need to “know” about curtains to get a great result! You just need to let your creativity flow.

Behind the scenes it is our job to interpret everything you enter to make sure that your curtains fit your tracks perfectly. We check your measurements and we ask questions if things don’t add up. If you have your own track, we make it a priority to understand exactly what type it is so that your curtains are manufactured and hooked correctly so that all you have to do is hang them.

Because we ask you to Register you can do as many Quotes as you like and you won’t lose them when you exit the site. Take your time to fine tune a Quote to get the look you want at the price you want to pay.

​Don’t be shy about asking any questions you have. Email us at info@onlinecurtains.com. We like emails because we can answer your questions in greater detail.