The first thing you must understand is:


Decide on the track and where and how you are going to attach it to the wall. This is usually above the window or doorway.
You might want to extend the track on each side to make sure the glass is well covered for draughts.

The next thing you need is a good quality metal tape measure that is only marked in millimetres. Many a measurement has been misread on a tape that has centimetres AND millimetres on it! 

At we need you to enter all your measurements in millimetres.

If you mistakenly enter your measurements in centimetres you might end up with a curtain that would only fit a doll's house!

Now for what to measure......

A. Measure across the window from outside of the frame on one side to the outside of the frame on the other.

B. Measure down from the top of the frame to the floor. With these measurements you can work out how long your track needs to be and how long your curtains need to be.

C. Your track length would be your "across" measurement plus how far past the frame you would like the track to go on each side.

D. Your curtain length is roughly the "down" measurement plus how far above the frame you would like your curtain to be. When you order your curtains from you can have your track sent first so that you can fit it to the wall. We won't manufacture the curtains until you send us the final curtain length. this allows you to fine tune the final length by those last couple of millimetres.

We also ask you for:

E. The measurement from the top of the frame to the base of the cornice. This helps us to double check every measurement you give us to satisfy ourselves that you haven't made a mistake. If we think something doesn't look right we will contact you.

Now go ahead with confidence and measure your windows. Make all your track and fabric selections, then enter these measurements and hey presto! you will have a quote for your new curtains including delivery to your door.

Be your own decorator and create beautiful curtains that you will love for many years to come. For diagrams and track photos see "How to Measure Your Windows" at