You have slaved over the computer, "ummed" and "ahhed" about what fabrics you want, had samples sent out and re-done the quotes until you have a price you want to pay.

You are thrilled with the styles you have chosen and are super excited to see these curtains hanging in your house! So whats so bad about that?

Well, now have to go through the agony of waiting 4-6 weeks for delivery! Custom Made means "HAND MADE".

Someone is ordering the exact amount of fabric just for you and customising all your measurements onto a worksheet so that the curtains exactly fit your track.
Someone is rolling out the fabric, cutting the exact length, sewing the hems and the side seams and calculating the exact spacings of the pleats to suit your individual measurements!

Feeling special yet?

All this takes time BECAUSE only so many curtains can be made in a day.

Someone we trust is taking extra care to make sure you are surprised by the quality you receive! does all this especially for you and we want you to know that while you are pacing up and down, checking the calendar and anxiously waiting for your curtains, we are calmly going about our business making sure everything is happening in the right order with the right people to deliver lovely curtains for your home. 

START DESIGNING! We are here to make it happen.